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Best Express Car Wash
2301 Taylorsville Road
(In The Highlands
One block from Bardstown Rd.)
Louisville, KY 40205
Ph: 502.451.4400
Hours of Operation
Open 7 Days a Week
9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Best Express Car Wash
The BEST Express Car Wash combines the BEST cleaning equipment available with the BEST cleaning products from ArmorALL, and the BEST service to give you the BEST car wash in town. Everything at BEST EXPRESS is simply the BEST. Many of these advances are not available anywhere else in the Louisville area!

It all starts with the Revolutionary Hanna XT Car Wash System.

Hanna is the car wash system of choice for more than 120 international auto manufacturers, including General Motors, BMW, Toyota, Mercedes and Lexus.

The Hanna XT System offers:
  • The BEST of both worlds. With the Hanna XT you combine state-of-the-art friction cleaning with high-power, touch-free cleaning. The advanced foam and cloth system thoroughly cleans and doesnít scratch your vehicle. We then add 45 gallons of touch free cleaning from our unique high power Water Wizard Tsunami. The result is the BEST cleaning combination in town.
  • An innovative conveyor system that perfectly times each stage of the wash cycle, ensuring a thorough cleaning and appearance-enhancing polishing and waxing.
  • TWELVE hurricane high velocity dryers that get your car dry in a hurry so you are in and out in just three minutes.
  • State-of-the-art photo electric sensors that keep your vehicle safe and damage free throughout the car wash.
  • Special under carriage wash that helps get your vehicle perfectly clean even on the worst winter day.
  • The BEST view. You stay in your car and enjoy the BEST view as the Hanna XT water wizard tsunami system uses 45 gallons of high pressure water to put on quite a water show as it cleans.
Next, we provide the BEST cleaning details in the area.
  • Our BEST wash state-of-the-art ArmorALL Wheel Luster wheel cleaning and shining system is the industryís newest and BEST. Only BEST Express Car Wash has it!
  • Our ArmorALL Body Shield Sealant wicks away the rain and keeps your car protected as you drive.
  • Our Rust Inhibitor high pressure undercoating makes sure the bottom of your vehicle is clean and protected against rusting.
  • Our Bug Buster treatment is the best in the area at making sure those bugs donít leave with you.
  • Even our FragraMatics vacuum cleaners are the very BEST available.
Through the years, Louisville entrepeneurs John Lenihan and Steve Bass have built a number of successful business in Louisville. Now they are investing $2 million to take the car wash business to a whole new level of excellence with BEST Express Car Wash.